I also don't get it

This collection was made for Tinsel Gallery to show in Munich at Frame 2022.

My intent with this collection was to have the viewer make up their own mind about what they wanted the works to be.

With many attempts by the greater art and design world to pigeon hole "art jewellery" as an art form or craft has left it in this weird void, where even the people in the field struggle to know what or where it should be, or even who should be in or out. 

So I personally like hanging these works on the wall, which in a way then probably make it art, but I did make it small enough to wear as a necklace which then probably makes it jewellery. The intellectual / academic viewer might find my approach here a little bit literal and find it off putting and an everyday consumer might enjoy the humour in the work but then struggle to know where to place it with its awkward size as too big for jewellery but yet too small to be art. This at the end of the day is where I would like everyone looking at it to be, just a little uncomfortable.