So Who Am I?

You see that guy in the picture? Well, that's me. Who am I, you ask? I'm a contemporary/art jeweller based in Johannesburg, South Africa where I have a studio and gallery. The gallery is called Tinsel gallery, go and check it out - I bet you'll love it. I studied jewellery design at Stellenbosch University. After that I decided to dive into this world of contemporary/art jewellery. I’ve participated in several shows of jewellery and fine art as well as a solo show. I've also done some teaching at universities around South Africa.
In terms of my style, have a look, you're on my site so I shouldn't have to let you in on what my work looks like. You can always let me know what you think, my email adresss is at the bottom of this page.
Ok but in all seriousness, I will say this... I generally work with precious materials – silver, gold, diamonds, pearls and other precious stones – as well as less traditional materials such as plastics and found objects. Craftsmanship is very important to me, and I hand-make my pieces using traditional (and sometimes some not-so-traditional) goldsmithing techniques.
 I play around with very traditional forms in terms of the design, but reinterpret them quite radically by using non-traditional ways of making the pieces, or just putting a bit of a spin on it.
Most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, so if you see someone wearing the same piece as you one of two things happened. 1) It's part of an edition, and in that case it will most likely be numbered or 2) someone ripped me off and its a fake, also that person is super lame. Look I'm not a saint, I do repeat certain elements, so if you want something same-same but different I can do that for you. I am happy to do commissions (quite frankly, I'm so happy doing it that it's what keeps me busy most of the time) and I love making bespoke jewellery, the more personal the better.
Get in touch with me and we can have a chat on